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I went to school on Thursday and I found...
[wait, i need a time to relax on this. because I. JUST. CAN'T. BELIEVE. WHAT. I. FOUND.]
it's just so surprising and after i found this 'something' out, i want to quickly pass grade 9.
i just don't like this 'something' i found. I HATE 'IT'.

mnn... so if ur wondering what did I found,


sure, some of u must be wondering
"why are you upset getting new friends?"
well, it's not that ==;;

i've got a yuri lesbian in my class since grade 7
and she's aiming for me. i was able to get far from her by...
confess my love to my crush
and he declined it!

so she knew it and.. SHE'S AIMING FOR ME, AGAIN!!

"then, what does that need to do with the new students?"

well, there're 2 classes, 9A & 9B.
i'm in 9b with the yuri, again. shit. and there's a new student, a girl, in my class. SHE. IS. A. YURI. LIKE. MY. OTHER. FRIEND.
her phone wallpaper is a character from a yuri anime ==;;; [mine's better : GACKT <3]
and she touches a lot. DAMN A LOT.
even my other friend, a girl, she's straight, just like me, said "i don't like her".
seriously, have you ever heard about A GIRL who opens FAKKU.COM damn A LOT.
i would say she's yuri.

so then i'm between 2 yuris ==;;
my friend from the next class called Indri said 'sandwich'. AH INDRI THAT'S A VERY NICE OF YOU ==;;;
but it's ok. Indri's a nice person anyway. so I don't really care if she mocks me c:

one of the boys next class called Josh made fun of GACKT which made me punch him on the face and told me that I LOOK LIKE THE NEW GIRL.
oh Josh how i love hate you ==;; I want to punch u on the face, once more, dear.
the other new student. i kinda forgot his name. was it Negi? ==;;
seriously in the 1st day I was love matched to him by the next class. i hate you all.
but this guy's ok. so i hav no complaints about him

some of u probably wondered
"geez u don't even get to know her really well and you already hate her?"
HEY, you should have known what a yuri looks like and a straight looks like by looking at their behavior!
like someone who touches person with the same gender many times and plays with their hair!
what would u categorize her as? ha?

that's all i wanna say. thanks for reading my useless writing ==;;;

rin veey

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GACKT's newest single yay! 8D


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