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some words about the new student
alright alright i missed the point of my yuri friend before that new student ==;;;
ah, if you're reading this, gomenasai, watashi no tomodachi. m(_ _)m

well I would like to start some of my HATRED to the new student that i told she's YURI.
[oh for non-otaku people, yuri is "let's be" =..="]

ah yeah, so my friend that i've called yuri that i successfully changed my mind [maybe i change my mind again after some times] that she's not 'yurier' than the new student [let's just call her 'bujes' and the new student 'de' -,-]

i'm actually not in the sandwich position [think tuna sandwich and you'll get what i mean] like what @black134 <twitter> said to me D:
i kinda ignore de! she's weird!! and a FREAK!

there's one thing that really annoys me to the core is what she responded to my friend Brandon in the mandarin class!
so here's how it goes:
we have a new mandarin teacher, and she asked us to introduce ourself
the one who has the marker must introduce yourself
so the teacher gave the marker to the class captain, juanito, and he introduce himself.
then juanito gave it to... ferdi i think, then he introduced himself blablablaa~
then he gave it to Brandon and he introduced and he give it to de.
u know what happened next?
it's only introducing ourselves that's all!! geez!!

ah i've still got a lot to say about this FREAK.
i'll post more when i'm quite free :D


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